Race FOr Education

March 5, 2020


After last year's huge success of raising $49,000, we are looking forward to exceeding this year's goal of $50,000! A part of last year's funds went towards our Music Program, updating our music room and purchasing new instruments. 

There is now a designated elementary music room, a conducive band room and a room for handbells. The students and teachers have been enjoying these updated spaces. We also purchased a  school-wide IXL membership; an immersive online learning platform to help support our students' advancements in their math and language skills. Thank you for your support! 


The 2020 Race for Education funds will be used for the continued updating of technology in classrooms which includes classroom interactive whiteboards and grade-level devices.

Important Information for racers & families

Race for Ed Booklet


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If you would like to participate as a runner with your child please sign up with this link. 


For every 5 labels, student may choose a free snack, small prize or dress down card.

For every 10 labels, student will be entered into a drawing for a $50 AMC Theatres gift card.

For every 15 labels, student will be entered into a drawing for $75 Amazon gift card.

Classes averaging 10+ labels per student will receive a popcorn & movie class party.

A trophy will be awarded to the boy and girl in each class who completed the most laps during the race

( a minimum of 5 labels must be submitted to qualify.)