"I have worked and subbed at many different schools in the Bay Area, both public and private, and POP is truly a unique school. The combination of outstanding academics, engaging extra curricular opportunities, and a staff who truly love what they do allows us to really embrace our calling as Christian educators to help our students grow in knowledge, in ability, and in faith."  ~~Ceres Robinson3rd Grade POP Teacher

"I love every little detail that goes into each day at Prince of Peace. Every staff member goes above and beyond expectations and truly pours their soul into educating and loving each individual child. The staff also cares so much about each other. It’s incredible to work with such loving, caring, and God centric individuals." ~~Natalie Heiman, POP Kinder Teacher

"Friday chapel is very special, and our daughter has been able to participate in praise band during those services. Awesome experience! Also, highlights would have to be outdoor ed experiences for middle schoolers. The 8th grade trip was absolutely amazing!" ~~Monica Slivinsky, POP Mom of Three

"Some highlights from the year that I look forward to are the field trips we take in our grade level - I really enjoy seeing the students connect with a subject area in a new way! I also love the fun and activities involved in Spirit Week as the students come together to raise money for Hefier Project and have fun together by dressing up crazy and running in Race for Ed! I enjoy our annual Christmas program and band/handbell concerts as they showcase the many talents of our students. I also really enjoy our chapels that are led by different classes/pastors and the student praise band each Friday. I love that we as a school can help each other learn more about the love of our Savior."

 ~~Emily Numeron, 1st grade POP Teacher