The course of study at POP school follows the California standards and meets all the requirements of the state and the Fremont Unified School District of Alameda County. Because we seek to challenge our students to the highest level of appropriate academic achievement, our curriculum also uses the Core Knowledge Sequence. In addition, we use supplements in computer, Fine Arts, Health, and Physical Education. 

Our curriculum is scrutinized regularly, employing the best traditional approaches along with the integration of technology in every day learning. A strong basically skills emphasis in reading, math, English, and writing, science and history is present at every grade level. 

Evaluating the Learning Process

Daily class work is evaluated appropriate to the child’s grade level. Kindergarten evaluations occur through a benchmark report. First and Second grade students receive a check, plus, or minus with comments to indicate strengths or weaknesses. Students in grades three through eight receive percentage grades indicated by an alphabet grade.

Students must maintain a 2.00 grade point average to be eligible for extracurricular activities. Students are recognized for academic achievement on the Principal’s List (above 3.8 GPA), Honor Roll (above 3.5) and Honorable Mention (above 3.2) at the end of each quarter when report cards are issued.

*The Scope and Sequence for each class, which lays out in detail what each class is studying month by month, as well as specific text books can be requested at the front school office.