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Boys and girls in Grades 6-8 are eligible for after school athletics. As members of the Bay Area Christian Schools Athletic League, our students compete regularly with other Christian Schools in the Bay Area. Our young athletes learn the fundamentals of the sport and a Christian perspective on athletics and personal fitness.Emphasis is placed on skill and sportsmanship improvement, and increased competition in preparation for high school sports.

We emphasize communication between coaches (and their staff) and students/parents. It is important that students and parents know what to expect from the school and the coaching staff. Coaches are expected to conduct an initial parent/student meeting to:

  1. Articulate goals and/or objectives for the sport–specific season.
  2. State the level of competitive play.
  3. Define specific rules for players’ participation after periods of absence from school and required practices.
  4. Expectations of parents as representatives of Prince of Peace Lutheran School and their children

*Some years, 5th grade players may have the opportunity to play up with the 6th, 7th and 8th graders during their season. 

**Our coaches and assistant coaches comply with Prince of Peace’s Athletic Handbook for “Responsibilities of Coaches”, by being witnesses for Christ through the interaction that takes place between players, coaches, and officials at practices and games.

Athletic Gear Order Forms

Basketball Sweatshirt                          Basketball Shooting Shirt                       Football Sweatshirt

Soccer Sweatshirt                                Volleyball Sweatshirt                              Softball Sweatshirt    

Cross Country Shirt                                Cross Country Sweatshirt                            Athletic Bag

*If you would like to order an athletic gear, please fill out the form and submit it to the school office with payment.